Diet for the lazy: a food system on water, a diet diet

Are you starting to notice that you are overweight? At the same time, there is no desire to diet? What to do? You will be helped by a diet for lazy people, which got its name for a reason, because it does not require a lot of effort from a person who loses weight.

water for a lazy diet

Who is the technique suitable for?

Many girls and women who cannot boast of their thinness say that a slender figure is the fate of the lucky ones. This is not a completely true statement, as you cannot follow a strict diet methodology, you must understand how difficult it is to restrict yourself in nutrition to have an ideal body with the correct proportions.

Among the girls who are overweight, although they lack willpower, there were those who managed to create their own weight loss systems. In addition, a simple nutrition system is also suitable for women with limited time or inconvenient work hours that do not allow them to eat at certain times.

Despite existing methods for lazy people, don't forget that laziness is the eternal companion of obesity, so the problem can come back again. That's why you need to fight laziness in every way possible, for example, walking, cycling, exercising in the workplace during the day is an excellent method. Such simple actions will change your life for the better: you will become more active, slimmer, healthier and happier!

Lose weight with water: quickly and easily

Among the popular methods that do not require special efforts on the part of an overweight person is a diet for lazy people on the water. The essence of the technique lies in the fact that the nutritional regimen is mainly based on drinking water, which contributes to the burning of fats during weight loss. It's important to know: you can only lose extra pounds if you drink water according to certain rules.

Water should be drunk just before breakfast, lunch or dinner, thus filling most of the stomach. These simple actions suppress the feeling of hunger, so the portion consumed will be much smaller. In addition, this vital fluid improves metabolism, which prevents the deposition of extra pounds.

According to women and girls who have managed to lose weight with water, after making changes to their daily diet, they feel alert and full of energy, so they move more actively and burn calories.

Follow this rule of this lazy diet to lose weight: drink two glasses of water 20 minutes before meals. Another important condition of the technique is that you cannot drink during the meal and two hours later.

Since water is the main component of the diet, the demand for its quality increases. Drink clean, still water, ideally - artesian or mountain water, in extreme cases regular but filtered tap water will do.

Nutritionists do not recommend boiling water, as during heat treatment, the liquid loses most of its beneficial salts and trace elements. It must be at room temperature, hot or cold water will not bring benefits to our body.

When choosing this dietary technique for the weak-willed, you can drink several cups of tea or coffee a day, but unsweetened, you should not get carried away with these drinks, if possible, it is better to replace them with clean water.

There are contraindications

Of course, this is an easy technique with which you can solve the problem of excess weight in no time. However, do not forget that it has its disadvantages, prohibitions and contraindications.

Nutritionists prohibit adherence to this diet for people suffering from diseases of the digestive system, kidneys and liver, heart. It is also contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women as it will lead to a deficiency of many nutrients necessary for the growth and development of the fetus and child.

With proper compliance with water weight loss, you can get rid of 5-7 kg of excess weight in two weeks.

diet in water

The advantage of the technique is the ability to use any food, except fatty foods, fried, smoked, sweet, canned, mayonnaise. A common mistake many women make is replacing all food with water. Such actions are not only useful, but also the most dangerous for our health.

If you don't know what the easiest diet for lazy people should be, check out the sample meal plan:

  • Breakfast: a glass of water 20 minutes before meals, eating any food;
  • Lunch: 2 glasses of water, the use of any food, except those prohibited by this diet;
  • Dinner: glass of water, food of your choice, except junk food.

So, to lose weight, just follow the rules of drinking water.

How the famous singer loses weight

The famous singer also developed her diet for the lazy and weak-willed. The singer shares the secret that the technique helped her lose weight after giving birth. Let's find out what success is!

The singer shares the secrets of the chocolate diet, however, she immediately warns that the technique does not benefit the body, she uses it in emergencies, when you urgently need to get your body in shape. This diet for lazy people is one of the most difficult mono-diets, the daily calorie content should not exceed 500-550 kcal.

In addition, the singer reveals another significant disadvantage of mono-diet: the need to consume large amounts of coffee without sugar. Based on the fact that not everyone can drink a drink, many women and girls have to refuse this weight loss method.

Now let's go to the positive aspects that this almost the most efficient energy system is endowed with:

  • the body quickly burns its own fat stores, as food intake is extremely limited;
  • coffee suppresses appetite, removes excess fluid from the body;
  • the ability to get rid of 5-8 kg in 5 days.

Only people with good health and constant stamina can adhere to a diet for slackers.


The singer eats 80 to 100 g of chocolate during the day. Dark or milk chocolate is preferred, white is not used for this purpose as it does not contain cocoa butter. The singer recommends drinking chocolate with black coffee without sugar, but with the addition of skim milk.

Apart from chocolate and coffee, only water can be included in the diet of a person who is losing weight, and you can drink it two hours after consuming the main dietary product. It is likely that this nutrition is not accompanied by good health, so many refuse to diet. In that case, you can organize a fasting day once a week. In one day, you can lose 1-1. 5 kg.


Celebrities never tire of developing new methods to lose weight, which we are happy to use, wanting to achieve the same success as them. You can also lose weight on a diet that doesn't require counting calories and creating a detailed menu for the day. The singer simply uses recipes for diet dishes, because they do not cause the formation of body fat.

The singer gives the girls the following recommendations:

  • Eat buckwheat porridge every day, it is a rich source of protein, so it saturates the body for a long time without turning calories into fat. The singer herself eats it for breakfast and dinner;
  • 20 days a month, exercise and eat diet foods, the remaining 10 - you can indulge in your favorite dishes, but in limited quantities;
  • Don't try to lose weight quickly, lose weight slowly and gradually, then the diet will benefit you.

Roughly the diet menu for the lazy looks like this:

  • Breakfast: any porridge boiled in water;
  • Lunch: lean chicken or fish cooked in the oven or steamed, vegetable salad;
  • Dinner: Seafood salad with apple cider vinegar and olive oil.

Compliance with such a simple diet for lazy people excludes the use of flour products, cakes and sweets.

Strive for an ideal figure, because being overweight is not only aesthetically unattractive, but also often causes serious health problems.